(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Why Should I Set Myself To Limits?

I've revealed so much of me.
Some of it seems fantasy.
And as a writer,
I've always sought the truth.
With the keeping of content,
Honestly pursued.

And there are some experiences,
I have had to yet expose.
There are 'some' things I will not reveal...
Even though some mouths will open,
To never again be closed.

I've known there has been an aspect of my life,
That will highlight my creative abilities.
And because of that I am not uptight.
I know there will be those who will impose their beliefs.
That is why I've chosen to uncover...
This side of my life with no regrets to keep discreet.

'What about your 'sexuality, Lawrence? '

Sometimes I like it.
Sometimes I don't.
Sometimes sex bores.
And other times it wont.

And at my age preferences get old.
I've known the heat of passion.
And I've known some shoulders,
That were frozen cold.

Sex is sex.
I don't regard it as something I do best.
And today people lay with whomever they choose.
And 'if' I am to knock boots...
My sexuality will not be abused.

What can I say?
Whatever is controversial,
I will test that too!

'So what are you saying?
You are also gay? '

If it's in the mix...
Why should I set myself to limits?

What sex is a tree?
I can be seen hugging them all the time.
And yet,
Not one of them...
Has confessed to having preferences.
And have accepted my presence,
Without trying to pry to see what's in my mind!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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