(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Why Should I Wish To Just Sit On A Pedestal?

To sit on pedestals,
May be heights some wish to achieve.
But as for me...
Why should I place such limits on myself?
Isn't the Universe boundless?

And we are gifted to live on an Earth,
Suspended as it spins.
With only the force of gravity,
To keep it mysteriously positioned.

Why should I wish to just sit on a pedestal?
There is something far greater than that,
I am a part of and desire to explore.
Too many miracles surround me,
I witness being produced.

And I would choose just to sit on a pedestal?
That may be what 'you' choose to do.
But I've got my sights on STARS!
With a blazing done in all of this Cosmic wonder.

Why should I wish to just sit on a pedestal?
Are you kidding?
With all that I envision going on?
Comeon, let's get real here!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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