Why Should 'You' Care?

Why should 'you' care?

Uniforms were adorned,
To ensure your way of life and peace enjoyed...
A longevity.
While you slept peacefully at night,
Feeling safe in a serenity sacrificed...
By those who spent their lives fighting,
On battlefields.
Protecting 'your' entitlements to rights.
You did not earn.
But expected.
And yearned as you dreamt,
Of a lush life lived.

Why should 'you' care?

Everywhere your arrogance is on display.
You show disrespect to those who fought...
And have returned back home to stay.
Soldiers who should be embraced...
Look into faces reflecting disgrace.
Offering nothing but homelessness and hunger,
As a replacement for their bravery.

Why should 'you' care?

No blood that flowed or dripped,
Came from one wound belonging to you to reminisce.
Not one nightmare relived in anguish,
Comes to you to revisit.
And while you decide to dine out or shop...
Thousands are living in nonstop agony.
Because of you and your selfish whims!

Not only should you care.
You should be made to feel the pain,
Of a true patriot.
One who has done more for less.
To enable you to invest in self righteousness!
Deluded and fantasized.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

A good point that should be made. :) I really enjoyed this. Heartfelt. Great Poem. -Audrey
Very true. Very emotional. Its a very nice poem.