FA (1988- / Mexico City)

Why Silence Is My Answer

If my walls could talk, they would tell you that pain is a reoccurring part of my life
This pain stabs me in the back so deep that I can’t reach the knife
More and more often now it continues to threaten
And I choose to use silence as my weapon
Against the built up hatred that I desperately want to reveal
But I no longer know the difference between what is fake and what is real
So what I feel, I doubt anyone will ever know
Until I can’t hide it any longer and I explode
Now as you watch a tear fall from my eyes
You see that silence is the lock holding in my cries
The way most people see me is just an act that I put on
I do it until every last one of them is gone
That way I can let out my pain in isolation
In order to prevent someone from a hurtful confrontation
Some people will tell you that I have a beautiful mind
Then why when I look at myself do I see a pitiful sign?
Why is it that I always help those who face defeat
To get back up and stand on their own two feet?
But when I am down and I try to stand
I reach out but can never grasp a helping hand?
Sometimes I feel that my binds are now undone
Because I tend to get let down when I help someone
Many times I feel alone, knowing their debt has not been repaid
I still sit in silence, feeling so lost and betrayed
Silence is the path that many are afraid to take
Afraid that this will lead to another mistake
And will let people see through to the inside
They get so scared that they will even ponder suicide
But I refuse to let this happen to me
I know there is so much more meant for me
At times talking can be as deadly as a cancer
And that is why Silence Is My Answer.

by Fernando Alvarez

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i really love ur poem..... it means so much 2 me and it jus sums me up all in ur poem omg: O