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Why Tell Me About It Since I Already Know

Why tell me about it since i already know
That money on bushes and trees does not grow
It can buy you friends and it can buy you fame
Few if any do wish to know the pauper by name

Why tell me about it as it is not news to me
That poverty thinking begets poverty
This is how it is and it always will be
That you are what you think you are would you not Agree?

It is true we do learn from life every day
And for our every mistake we have some price to pay
And from life we receive what is only our due
Though many may tell you that this is not true

Why tell me about it i know all too well
That millions are living life in Earthly Hell
And many know how to take and not how to share
And that many grow poorer for every new millionaire.

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Sometimes my wife tells me over and over again things she says I am supposed to know already. Can I help it if I am absent-minded? I enjoyed reading the poem.