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Why Tell Me About It When I

Why tell me about it when i already know
That in life it is known we reap what we sow
Or what goes around come around as some like to say
We pay for our sins in some sort of a way

If the law does not get you Karma will one day
For our sins against others the price we must pay
From life we receive what is only our due
That we sow what we reap i believe to be true

Why tell me about it when i know all too well
That for many good people life can be an Earthly Hell
I cannot even say why this should be
For an answer to this ask one other than me

Can only say that maybe in their poverty they are paying for ancestral crime
Since on Karma there never is a use by time
For the sins of the grandparent the grand child does pay
Since Karma as is said often works in this way.

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