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Why The F*#k Didn'T We Think Of That?
DW David Whalen ( / Covington Kentucky)

Why The F*#k Didn'T We Think Of That?

Why Didn’t we Think Of That!

Guess I got to admit it, I’m past my prime
Not nearly as quick-witted as I used to be
Appears to be a monumental waste of my time
Just tryin’ to write some decent poetry

Maybe I’m overthinking’ the point of rhyme
Maybe I’m trustin’ too much to luck
Hell I’m gonna forget about prose so fine
And start artlessly usin’ that magic word f&%k

The effort involved in finding that perfect phrase
Laboriously working to find that rhyme that feels pat
Hell I could have been usin’ that magic word all these days
So, tell me fellow poets…why didn’t we all think of that?

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haha great poem! no matter how past ur prime you are people can always be dazzled with poetry. excellent work david. F&%K YEAH! ! ! lol