Why Then Speak In Tongues?

When the axe is present why then ask?
It’s plain when its rain why then drain?
As me what our ancestors asked their ancestors
For words are for those who can’t read or listen
Why then speak in tongues?

If he loved this country that much as claimed
Why not, colour it blue, or leave it at with no clue?
If they meant what they said, if ever they did
Why not, then just do it and not just say it?
If you said you loved me, and stay with me
Why not, hang your self, for leaving me?
It makes no sense what you say, said or will say
Why then, speak in tongues?

Poets are poets, like our poetry or not
We will still write it, we are who we are
Why then, speak in tongues?
I need no collar to preach what they preached
God knows I believe, and good is my faith
Why then, speak in tongues?

If you think, life is a rolling stone
Speak it so, why then say it in tongues?

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