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Why This Should Be

There are many talented people in every village and city and town
Who live and will die as strangers to renown
Since those who get rewarded and recognized for their talents are only of the few
On this i am not saying anything that is new

I know of some talented people who are not well known
Though with the best at what they are good at they could hold their own
But the masses them will never celebrate
And they will never be wealthy and considered as famous and great

The talented wealthy and famous become known far and wide
Who should be recognized and rewarded for their talents the masses decide
And some quite talented people as unheralded does remain
Why this happens to be beyond me to explain

There are some talented people who for themselves never make a name
Who will never grow wealthy and will die as strangers to fame
Not admired for their talents which seems puzzling to me
And i only do wonder why this should be.

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