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Why War?

Why war? cried the eagle,
Flying over the barren land.
You have killed the plants,
What shall I hunt?
My children are still weak,
They cannot fly to find more food.

Why war? cried the hedgehog,
Ambling onto the bloody field.
My people were crushed beneath your feet,
How shall I live?
My family is dead,
I may be the last of my kind.

Wwwwhy wwwar? hissed the snake,
Jewel eyes scanning the carcasses.
Your evil meat hasss no good tasssste,
What sssshall I ssscavenge from the ground?
My children hunger,
I ssssshall not eat until they do.

Why war? cried the child,
Innocent eyes confused as she looked at the ruin.
My father and brother did not return,
Who will work for us?
My mother is blind,
And I am still so young.

Why war? they all asked,
The question burned their minds.
Our families are dying,
Will we survive?
We are few against many,
Why? why? why?

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Oh man. Goose bumps! These are the kind of poems I write. War sucks.