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Why Was I Born?
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Why Was I Born?

Poem By Deborah Danso

I was born into this world with strings attached.
My wings were beautiful, feathers detached.
Will I return without a scratch?
This is a confusing world.
I was in the arms of my creator, I saw the world clearly.
I want to go back, I miss him dearly.
Given to caring parents, I'll cherish until my spirit depart.
Love them even though the two worlds are a part.
Looking at my life through a different heart.
Trying to grasp my life as it unfolds.
Knocking over hills and high mountains with a million blindfolds.
I'm still confused and my feet are bruised.
Lord help me find the right shoes, lead me in the right path.
My instructions are lost and forgotten.
I remember your white robe, soft like cotton.
I am in this world amongst wars.
I'm watching to see if I'll be in evil men's claws.
Tangled in a spider's web, will you come or will I be killed.
Or will I be eaten in destruction.
I'll be waiting for my wishes to be fulfilled.
You are my maker and my life taker.
Its the hustle and bustle of growing up that can only make me strong.
Perils of my lifestyle define me.
What's my soul purpose, where do I find the verses on my instructions.

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