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Why? ? ? , Why? ? ? , Why? ? ?
SO (9/2/1992 / burton-upon-trent)

Why? ? ? , Why? ? ? , Why? ? ?

Poem By StaceyLeigh Olner

why do you hate me so much? ,
what have i done?
you ended it,
how am i evil?
why cant i be happy? ?
i feel that you dont want me to be happy,
it aint my fault im happy,
wouldn't you be if you were winning a competition?

who said i never loved you?
cuz i never said that,
aint i alloud to look in the same direction as you are standing?
if its over between us why do you care who i talk to,
who i have a laugh with,
whether im happy or sad.
why do you waste ink on me?

if you hate me so much,
whats the point in me coming up to you,
it aint gonna change anythin,
you have already made up your mind,

why does what i do matter to you?
cuz apparently im just a evil 2 faced cow,
who doesn't matter,
n who everyone hates,

whats the point in me being here if every1 hates me?
bet no1 can answer that.

why cant people just leave me alone?
or understand me?
all i want is for someone 2 understand what im going through.
but i cant even have that.

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Comments (2)

strong poem... good work.
Some times I ask myselff that same question in life, People are people so you see they will grind you & toss you aside without warning at all.