Why Won'T The Memories Fade?

Why won’t the memories fade?
Everything else fades, just not them
Paint fades, eye sight fades
But not memories, they stay till the end

Sure there are ways to get rid of them
But the purpose doesn’t justify the consequences
Diseases are a bore and head trauma hurts too much
Plus you might not be able to form your sentences

And so they linger on
Drifting in the back of your mind
Lurking, waiting, hoping someday to ruin you
Needless to say you can’t leave them behind

The worst is when they ruin something
Something that you enjoy
Drawn there by fond memories but remember
It was this memories evil ploy

Yes memories are tricky
They sneak up when least expected
Riding a roller coaster or smell their perfume
The disorientation can be quite hectic

by J.D. Crockett

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