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~why Won'T You Read My Poetry? ~

I printed all my poems out and put them in a book.
I've placed it on the table in the hopes you'll take a look.

You know you'll find my soul there beneath the cover page.
You'll read about my pleasures, my heartaches and my rage.

I know you don't like poetry and this I understand
but how can you not want to peek into my ''wonderland''?

If you would take a minute and peruse a page or two
I think you'd be suprised to read the thoughts I have of you.

I've tried to make it easy and I know you see it there.
I'll wait it out and hope you see these things I need to share.

I suppose I know the answer is in where I place my book.
I'll put it in the bathroom......then you're sure to take a look!

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A wanderer will come definitely one day in an auspicious time to read your precious book of life.Wish that could be a blockbuster!
Wow- this is an immense poem! I read your poetry lots! I think it's great! Keep up the good work and i'll keep on reading your stuff! :)
well writen, I feel the same way I wish people would read my stuff, I wonder what we have to do to get people to read your book.
I suppose it is like real estate...Location...Location...Location! Very nicely done! -Rick
Quite a nice poem, and a really terrific surprise at the end. Thanks, I needed that!
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