Why Won'T You

We were getting along fine,
We were ignoring what they were saying,
But I don't know what happened,
You just left, snapped, seemed not to care,
Even though you claim you do,
But I guess thats life yeh?
Full of bullshit,
Guess so, you don't seem to give a shit,
So why should I anymore,
It's over, You refuse to follow your heart,
So I won't try to change your mind,
You can't help yourself, unless you can admit you need help,
Love is for real, and it hurts and you know it,
Don't deny it to me, for I know the truth,
You can't and won't hurt me anymore,
I hope your happy, I am,
And I won't come back, because,
I'm not willing to get hurt again, no one is worth this pain,
Even you, so this is it, Goodbye 'lil 'G',
Cause your not real to me anymore.

by Kayla Duf

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