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Why Worry

Since they cannot look into the depths of your soul
What others think of you is beyond your control
You have not been found guilty of any crime
And it is up to you what you do with your time.

Why worry what the small minded think of you or say
When they only want you for to see things their way
Why change your ideas and your values just for to blend in
To be different to others is never a sin.

Just to please them why should you wave the National flag
Since so called patriotism is such a common brag
You live your own way and stick to your ideas
For you surrender your right to be different if them you do please.

Leave them in their own cliches their own praises to sing
And you live in your own way and you do your own thing
And since you never harm them in any way
Why worry of you what they do have to say.

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