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Why Worry About Making Lots Of Money

Why worry about the making of lots of money the thing that gives rise to fame
When the reaper of lives treats the lives of the paupers and the billionaires as the same
You may be the town's wealthiest person but some evening, night, morning or day
The one who is known to claim all lives will surely come reaping your way
The one who cannot be bought with money is the one everybody does fear
That life's reaper is the great equalizer to everyone is obviously clear
You may feel that you are irreplaceable but as the wise person did say
A lot of people who felt this way are now where the deceased does lay
That money does speak every language a truthful saying one must suppose
But the common weed of the garden does have the same fate as the rose
No man or woman lives forever we all becomes victims of time
You may say he or she does look young but we quickly age past our lives prime
You may wish that you had more money but it is a fact the known billionaire
With the poorest person in the suburb a common fate is destined to share

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