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Why Worry Of Death And Of Dying

Why worry of death and of dying when you will be forever dead
The present is all that does matter who knows for us what lay ahead
We will die that we know for certain and we only can live in the now
The father of time is our master and to the father of time we must bow
Success and failure are often used words for building one up or putting one down
But in the end does it much matter if you are the most admired one in your town
The Reaper of lives won't ignore you and to his sharp scythe you must fall
He is the one most feared by the ego but the greatest egalatarian of all
What matter of success and failure when at the end they are the same
Genghis Khan was a World renowned conqueror yet he only lives on now in name
The Reaper took the life's breath from him the life of anyone the Reaper doesn't spare
He who claims the life of the pauper claims the life of the billionaire
Why worry of death and of dying we only can live for today
And though you would like to live forever in that you do not have a say.

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