AME (24/7/1987 / egypt-sohag-tahta-shatoura)

Why You Are Always In My Mind

Why every time I see the palm that is standing in the end of the street I remember you?
Why when I see the sleeping trees on the night's breast listening the new tales of the sea breeze I also do?

Why every time I enter the class I remember you although I have never seen you in schools?
How come I remember you when the morning dies by the end of the sun tears'?

Why by the chirping of birds and the passing of turtle doves and doves above the home I remember you?
Why I always remember you and every time I close to you my pillars shake and submit too?

Why when I hear on my door knocks,
and enters one of my friends,
'invited on a wedding, I hope to see yours' he says,
I remember you?

Why when my mother in the middle of the night bewails alone I remember you? how come?
why when I am annoyed and I just imagine you, for you I laugh and relaxed I become?

How come I always for names of streets memorize,
from which you buy vegetables, insecticide and four your daughter blouse?

Why I always do,
your news I know,
what makes you pleased,
what makes you grieved,
why I always remember you?

Why every time my face meets yours,
it is lost in your features?
I do not know why I always remember you?

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a sweet and very meaningful write. enjoyed it much..well done 10/10