Why You Are Not Telling Me?

I wake up every day hoping that you still care
But when I look into your eyes I don’t see that and it kills me badly
Why don’t you tell me if our story is over?
Our fate is gone, our destiny is vanished
I don’t want to pretend that it’s all ok when it’s not

Deep down you have answers
Deep down your heart tells you to tell me?
Deep down you need all I need
Deep down you know it
Deeply you drew the smile every time when you see me

When I look up the stars, I remember our first dance, It was the best and the felt one
Our first kiss was unexpectedly but undeniably and unexplainably.
When the gentle wind blows, I see your beauty
When I look upon your face, I only see my future
Why don’t you listen to your heart and let me help you

I make a wish and a promise every time I blow the candle
I promise you my life and my love
My desire and my wish is you
Kindly you now, you tomorrow, you forever
Among all I have, you are the most important

Why nothing is ever as they seem?
Why stars never go blue again?
Why don’t you see that I’m dying?
When will you see that I will die for you?
With wretchedness in my soul?

Remember I was the one you can run to
When tears were falling from your eyes
Who could know that a friend will become a lover?
But now you look me like the enemy
Why don’t you tell?

by Keith Anastase KAMOSSO

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this is truly sad very sad