Why You Run Away From Me My Love


Ooh am stand at the middle of world.
I see my beautifully bird running.
I tried to run after it.
But that bird fly.

Ooh my beautifully one.
Why you leave me in this cold world.
Why I don't have wings.
Why you left me deep in this cold sea.

Now am asking myself that where I failed.
The voice came from nowhere,
patric ndidzulafhi munyai let it go.
And look forward.

By ndidzulafhi patric munyai

by ndidzulafhi munyai patric

Comments (3)

Great work Ndidzulafhi......10+++ The voice came from nowhere Sometimes love hurt and stink like a beer.... I could relate and feel how you felt when she flee and Leave you but you couldn't fly with her for you had no winds
A nice write.. Keep courage.... I would like you read my poem In the mid of the night depression you are killing me too.. Naila
Such an interesting poem...10++++