' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Perspective(For Helen)

From this perspective
my uncle appears so


as if Death had place him
at the wrong

end of a telescope

but I am not
taken in by this


see him in my mind's

drawn from

like an over-spilling bucket
winched from a well

bursting at the seams
with life

towering over

looking pale & insignificant.

I held in the big strength
of his tenderness

the sun
his smiling

the weather
his laughter

the wind
his stories

ruffling my hair
with his breath.

by Dónall Dempsey

Comments (7)

Why you fear when I’m here…this I is Mother …I hope…she can protect and imbibe in courage to us ...as Holy Mother Sri Sarada Maa* said, ‘why fear I’m your real Mother’…… thanks sharing… Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10 PS * Please Google for info n
' Why you've fear, When I'm here? Why shed a tear, '...a very strong and powerful words....if a father says these wrds for his child, perhaps, if this child is a knight, , , absolutely she/he would always win the fight..naizxenia
Why you fear when iI am almost here, never let you feel all alone, so not fear, Doubts you should bury when I m near, Leave all to me when what you say, I hear, .......good onesir...10
what a great poem...a wonderful assurance from God...put into poetry by a great writer...YOU.. soul-touching, spirit lifting poetry.....
poem that makes one to shake the dust off the soul....its yr blessings Sir
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