Swallow a physical poem.

Knowledge can be simple.

by Nathan Coppedge

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Why you fear when I’m here…this I is Mother …I hope…she can protect and imbibe in courage to us Holy Mother Sri Sarada Maa* said, ‘why fear I’m your real Mother’…… thanks sharing… Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10 PS * Please Google for info n
' Why you've fear, When I'm here? Why shed a tear, '...a very strong and powerful words....if a father says these wrds for his child, perhaps, if this child is a knight, , , absolutely she/he would always win the fight..naizxenia
Why you fear when iI am almost here, never let you feel all alone, so not fear, Doubts you should bury when I m near, Leave all to me when what you say, I hear, .......good onesir...10
what a great poem...a wonderful assurance from God...put into poetry by a great writer...YOU.. soul-touching, spirit lifting poetry.....
poem that makes one to shake the dust off the soul....its yr blessings Sir
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