! Why!

why did you hit her?
what did she do?
why all the pain you put her though?
why all the suffering, hurt, and dispair?
Dad, can't you see you're not fighting fair

why did you shame her and treat her that way?
Dad are you listening or have nothing to say?
do you think of all the good times?
do you stay up and cry at night?
Dad why did you hit her when you know it was not RIGHT?

by Cynthia Silvera

Comments (7)

sad but good and it reminds me of when my mom and dad got into a bad fight. no it is not fair that a man would even want to fight a women
How many times is that question asked through the years of those who can't keep their hands to themselves. The victim lives a life-time wondering 'WHY'? ? ? ? ---Excellent write Cynthia
very deep and very good! !
Great poem. It brought me back to the thoughts that run through my head whenever I think of my father...
Blessings, It is sad to hear these strong yet weak words. It is the way of the world with Domestic Violence. This is something people in general should read to get a sense of how someone feels about their pain with either bulllying and /or domestic violence.
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