JD ( / Frazier Park, California)


Is there a chance perception will
Link lines of formula
Once handling all the equations?
There is!
Is there, in there, sums totaled
That grouped in two's the calculations?
There are!
Will opinion create a mess
And leave the driving to us?
It will!
If in this scientific afterglow,
Man sees only the possible
And the probable gets scant attention,
Is it inevitable we will perish?
Is! Because right answers often
Are gleaned from an archaic
And the possible
Needs remember the probable -
Cause and effect,
Where all the good went down,
Was not counted among,
Best crowned, but abandoned.
He, the sage of yesterdays'
Opines on relationships between
Man and forest, man and wetlands,
Man and sea-shore - route come sooner -
Light lend prohibition,
Posterity listens and wide-eyed
Pins hopes to us.

Copyright 2002 Joe Duvernay. All rights reserved.

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