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Wide Open Spaces
WAD (April 2,1982 / Riyadh K.S.A)

Wide Open Spaces

A walk in a park full of wide open spaces
of wide blue skies and bright happy faces,
I sat there with you.
And you sat with me.

You held my face and kissed away my pout,
we stared at the sun till the moon and stars came out
You there with me,
And me there with you.

The warm wind blew into your short black locks,
and day old morning dew kissed the tips of our socks
I lying with you,
And you lying with me.

The world went by without paying any heed,
to us and our love and our endearing deeds
You kissing me,
And me kissing you.

In a whirlwind of laughter outwards ‘love! ’ we cried out,
and every sound an object outside us just faded out.
Me holding you,
And you holding me.

A walk in a park full of wide open spaces,
I dream of that day and the look on our faces,
I sit here without you,
And there, you without me.

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Comments (2)

I liked this too, and the structure was a pleasant surprise... But, the rhyme is a bit forced. Still, a good effort.
I like this. Simplicity. I like HER already, just listening between the lines. Lovely structure of the poem, don't show this critique to anyone. H