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Widening By The Day

The gap between the wealthy and poor is widening by the day
And this in itself seems a sad thing to say
The majority of the wealth of the World controlled by the super wealthy few
Though this to you surely is not anything new

In a Human World where millions of people are living in extreme poverty
That some are so wealthy seems all wrong to me
Yet these are the people so many look up to and admire
Since to be like them they have a burning desire

So many poor people Worldwide are doing it tough
Millions are hungry, homeless and stateless, living and sleeping rough
Whilst many are without food and shelter as victims of the social divide
On the so called achievements of the super wealthy i cannot see any reason for pride

To be hungry and homeless and stateless is something anyone does not choose
In a Human World where for one to win big so many have to lose
This ever widening social gap does seem all wrong to me
For millions of poor people how sad life must be.

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