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Widening With Each Passing Day

Everyone born as individuals though some they are born to lead
By good or sometimes bad example the people we hear of and of read
And often see their images on the daily papers as people to be seen worthy of note
The gullible masses are impressed by the people the media promote
Among the World's wealthy and famous big egos are known to abound
And among the most honored and privileged of people humility is hard to be found
You will not find many down to earth people as members of the billionaires club
The sort of people one does not see in the local working class pub
Those who do have the power of money in life do have things their own way
That money does speak every language is so true in the World of today
The poor of the World in numbers with each passing day seems to grow
And only the kindest of people of the plight of the paupers wish to know
A minority own the majority of the wealth of the World and this seems a sad thing to say
And the gap between the poor and the wealthy is widening with each passing day.

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