I have known some astute ballerinas,
at the dance they would act like hyenas.
If you bought them a drink,
they'd go nudge, nudge, wink, wink
and then call our best friends little wienas.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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Ditty, Ditty, nice and pretty. Ya gotta love the Irish!
The Irish did. Right after they invented the limerick. It is said that their dictionary was well used and since there was only one for the entire country, it was decided that no one could look at more than one page per every 31 days. That allowed a prolongation of the book's life AND spawned the limerick as people had to ask each other (all cousins inside the pub and out) to remember new words, or, failing that, old words, or, failing that, make up new words. It is entirely possible that our webmaster (-mistress) hails from those parts and is experimenting with drop/dropp/droppp, droppppp. H
Heaven help the natives of Limerick in Ireland that such a burden should be laid upon their innocent shoulders. Who said that Germans have no sense of humour.