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Wife(For Anu)
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Wife(For Anu)

WIFE(For Anu)

Each new day
I fell in love

with her

'Anu! '
'Anu! '

Her name
a spell

that made
my heart joyful!

And each day
of our marriage.

I married her
again & again

enraptured by the eternal
newness of our love.


WIFE(For Anu)

Naked she

took off her skin

layed down
her bones


unfastened her pulse

placed it
at my feet.

'I love you this much! '
her soul cried.

She kissed the tears
in my eyes...my eyes.


WIFE(For Anu)

Hmmm! Typical!

An ocean wishes it was
...a stone.

And stone dreams of being
nothing...but water.


Water longs to be

Endless sky.

it seems

wants to be
everything else.

My love
happy always
to be
your love.

The endless ocean
of you

the horizon of you

where dream & reality
are one

& I
a little stone

lost beneath
wave after wave of you


to myself.


3 poems called WIFE(because I married her 3 times) for my fantastic Finnish wife. She often signed herself 'Anuwife' so this became a term in itself. These are just 3 aspects of her conjured up by just the very sound of her name.

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I guess 3rd time's a charm. Fantastic, amazing poems and imagery. Poetry at its finest. -chuck
3 times married the same woman! and the rest of life writing poems based on the happy time of marriage! - wonderful poems after all - this is a great romance, deserving to become a novel. No, let it live in poems!