Dear Greg

My case manager of Compass Health,
Greg Richardson, share a love
of the wonderful world of poetry.
His poems speak to the very heart of me

How I wish I could ease his troubled soul
and mind. Yes, and he would be blessed.
with God's Holy Spirit's divine love.

He listens to me patiently, about
my life's philosophy. I try
to enlighten his mind-
but maybe I have failed him,

I can become too heavenly minded
about the Rapture of the church,
to ignore daily living day by day.
And yet perfect love in God casts
out all fear.

God could heal our troubled spirits,
souls and minds if we let him.
We can write freely about whatever
comes to mind, thus baring our
souls to the poetic world.

We seek sweet solace for our minds.
I am happy God is a good friend
of both him and mine.

by Roxanne Dubarry

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Stephan, Wonderful Poem. A real pleasure to read. You're strong sense of voice carries well through-out all you're poems, hope to see more soon. Anyway, Tom