Wife's Rose As A Vector Of Love Around Aunt Ruth's Vase

At 'Sans Souci' I witnessed
A fresh rose upon Frederick's grave
That made tremendous impression
It seeming not to be an act of official care,
This thing of roses and love holding an abiding attraction.

So, to this line's creation
I have your ancient bud vase of slender neck - once elegant -
Faux silver finish now intimating pewter
With luck at a good garage sale
It might fetch a dollar or even two.

To me it is a treasure
Worth more than its cost to hold
Loaded this eveining with a fresh rose
As with all matters of great love
As a vector of love I do not know
If that rose is a rose
That lives from or for you
Though you are long gone from view.

by Bill Grace

Comments (3)

A rose for remembrance. This poem is a treasure. Take care. Warm regards, Sandra
a very tender way of saying Grace
Good poem, Bill. Spellcheck last stanza evening though. Also, I wonder if using the real name of Friedrich would add authenticity to the poem., also Friedrich II., also 'Friedrich der Große' or 'der Alte Fritz', was (as was his entire ancestry, a very strong influence on how Germans thought of themselves and how they brought up their children. Facinating history. Best H