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Wil I

Where the sky is blue I sit and watch
The birds fly and I think of all the things
That happens in my life why did it work
That day why was I here watching the
World Pass before my eyes why do
I see these things before me and the
People and the things I did why and for
What reason did I do these things why?
For what reason this place my me hurt
Deep in my soul my face blank I cry no more
I’m I sorry for what I did maybe not only my
Maker and soul mate will know for sure will I
Do it all over again if I could or would I change
Any of it yes I would do it all over again if I could but
Only hope it don’t repeat the same the first time
The pain is too much to bear and no one should feel
What I feel each and every day of my life I can hear
The sparrow feels the hurt and pain of the weak
And it’s hard for a warrior to love with all there hearts
Not a true warrior they are the elite the ones that feels
The hurt and see the heavens look down upon them
Only the elite will fight to get true love fight to love them
With all there hearts and might to love with extreme
Technical matters and use everything they have too
Everything and anything to win there hearts
And love them with all my ability to win the heart
Of my soul mate and them are hearts the day I was
Born into this world of mine where I can be with
My soul mate to love and horror my soul mate love
And protect them at all cost spoil your soul mate so they
Can do the same in return to live in harmony is beautiful
And I will live in harmony even if I have to live by my self
But for now I live in pain until I know if you’re my
Soul mate in this crazy world of mine where life is peaceful
And tranquil is all I want for my love and honor you for life
In your sweet tranquil love of yours its nice to be able to love you
I love you no matter where and when we meet and are able to
Love like This life might end and there is no tomorrow
Fight your self to keep them if you feel there the one and
Only for you and the pain so deep in my soul will be loyal
And urn for you deep passion of hot flowing love so deep
With in us and learn or know what and how they are
Come and unleash my deep hot flowing love so deep

by charles kuehnle

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