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Wild Bunnies

I see them on the green strip by the water tower each day
And when they see me passing by they always dash away
Under the fence and through the scrub and to their burrows run
But I don't wish to kill them and I don't have a gun.

Not native to this Country the white bloke brought them here
Along with other wild born creatures such as the fox and hare and deer
And though man to right his mistakes to get rid of them try
The rabbits have a survival method they are quick to multiply.

The greenies say that with native wild life for food they compete
And the farmer complain that the grass for his animals they trample and they eat
And though their enemies are many and their friends are only few
I like those furry wild bunnies despite the harm they do.

From the green strip by the water tower as I am passing by
They quickly hop to cover these creatures wild and shy
And though I don't intend to harm them that they are not to know
For Mankind never was their friend every one's their foe.

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