Wild Child

Poem By Catria Kirby

Remember that wild child that never seemed to go out of style?
The endless nights of fun, partying past the night is done.
Hair and arms swaying to the music, bottomless drinks pouring while we blowing hella zips.
Picking which one to go home with for the night, hoping his looks don't fool and everything else is just right.
I'm too drunk. You got more skunk? Oo is that a bump?
Can't resist the tap tap of your night cap. Yeah nigga give me that. Don't do that. Sure you can eat that cat.
Thank you for letting me spend the night with you. When I leave what am I going to do? It's always great until it's through.
Morning comes at the line of sunlight. The child inside stays polite. Breakfast bonus makes the future look bright.
Just take me to the park. No number, won't see you again anyway. The wild child must wander till dark. Repeating the cycle doing the same shit, everyday, maybe in a different way.

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Great poem.Thank you for sharing

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