GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

Wild Cry!

Her words
A visionary delight
Touches deep
hopes ember night

Her sway
Reaches my soul
Setting ablaze
Passions true whole

She dances
Filling my mind
Sweet caress
A'more I find

Gentle Lady
Desire my touch
Golden hand
Need is so much

Simplistic Femininity
Complex my soul
Surrendered being
Fill me to whole

Only you
Touch so deep
Need great
Spirit does weep

Fulfill desire
Set me aflame
Step forth
Make your proclaim

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Comments (4)

Lovely old english feel to this one, you express your-self very well in my opinion Thankyou Geoff Love duncan X
Words in short spurts but filled with tremendous passion and magnetism....she will not be able to resisssst....
Sir Geoff...Another strong slice of lit.....Good to Have Ya' Back On PH! '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK/fjr
A cry of longing. Step forth Make your proclaim... fabulous lines! My god she would be a tamed vixen if she did not! But yet the wild one stalks her pray making sure it is free. Well done with such passion.