(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Wild Goats

Rock of escaping goats,
Your own eyes have seen this day;
But understand and perceive the muse of my love.

From evil doers comes evil deeds,
But i will pay homage to the things which are right;
And like the crags of the wild goats.

Give me a special blessing and let me love you,
Give me a special love and let me guide you,
Give me a special care and let me be with you always;
And she became the trap for him who was asleep.

On the crag of the wild goats,
Do love yourself first before loving me;
For you can't love others by hating yourself.

Rock of escaping goats,
I am a poor man and little known by you;
But my mind is faster than the bullets of war!

To the son-in-law of the king,
And to the daughter-in-law of the queen;
This is the time that i am free from war,
And like the rock of escaping goats.

Whose son is this boy?
Whose daughter is this girl?
Whose husband is this man?
Whose wife is this woman?
On the cage of the wild goast to take a rest;
But this is the day that Yahweh spoke of.

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