Human heart at a time can receive, and someday will reject
Human heart only knows two words:
'Love and Hate'
Before has love, someone to feel that he is one of the existing
After having love, he can feel to have all that exists,
Or even ignoring the existing
When love no longer wants him
Not seen again by himself all the beauty, peace, and kindness
He felt 'nothing' and hollow
That is left is the sheer hatred
When invective replace compliment
Regret accompanying cries
Love and hate filling a time
While time is ticking
The human heart to feel it all is 'pseudo' mere

by Sari Mavi

Comments (14)

Thy name is sweetness with words so concise.
Emily Dickinson... is one of my favorite. She was God gifted... the sorcery of her words are simply unparalleled.
Such love and tenderness glow in the eyes of this poem. How could her loved one help but be drawn to such a woman?
A fantastic flight of imagery can conceive such an awesome poem
A fantastic poem to read....loved it 10
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