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When I see your face
See your smile
See your love
For someone else

I can't get rid of this chill inside
No hot shower can ease this ache
I know it just won't go away
You have pneumonia of the heart - oh! such a cold heart
And my God, does it turn my blood to ice.

You said you loved me, and I thought you did.
Now: how can I ever be sure?
I hope you know, one day, how it feels.
Maybe then you'll repent.

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If... Captivates me, awesome piece. Thanks for sharing
wild can think of life also; but wildly thief can think of life also; but in stealing way tyrant can think of rule also; but in blood thirsty mind cheater can think of life also; but in deceiving scheme revolutionist can think of freedom also; but with a sanguinary fighting
A meaningful poem; wolves cannot think in any other way except his own wild way. Thanks for sharing
I see a very profound meaning in it. Wolves, by the sound of the word, brings in a fearful feeling. Yet, they too have their own qualities which are to be valued. Very much thought provoking. Thanks for sharing. You very well deserve the positioning. Congrats. x
A lovely and unique write on animals. Well crafted with a tinge of humor. Congratulations!
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