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Wilderness Cottage.

The cottage now lies empty, and overgrown with weeds,
A large walled garden at the rear, long past has gone to seed.
Many tiles have fallen off, broken gutters and hanging gate,
Doors and many windows, with cracked and peeling paint.
The family that once owned it, now long disappeared from view,
Reflects bygone nostalgia through the walls that that it once new.
And as the sun begins to set, with the last embers of the day,
The little cottage lives in hopes that some one just might stay.

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Comments (2)

amazing how you have made me see myself in that cottage...this is fantastic...thanks
I can see your little cottage through the windows of my mind the garden is overgrown with weeds i think you'll also find the swings still there, hanging from the tree and the stoop where people laughed, folk, like you and me! nice poem Nicholas, thank you for taking me there