Wildest Fantasy

With spread sheets resting in bed,

you lay down and pull my hand,

steamed room fogs your face,

and sweat forms quickly down your neck.

closer we become,

my body on top of yours,

throwing my head back,

i close my eyes and

in my head i touch the sky.

kissing you gently on your chest,

leaving trail marks in every place,

we switch positions,

now its your turn,

you lick me down,

this is heaven.

whip cream on your bod,

is tastier than a candy shop,

we eat it off each other,

till we touch that special spot.

touch me, lick me, bite me,

do all the above,

dont stop,

i just cant get enough.

addicted to your tongue,

we kiss passionately,

continuously, non stop,

and the attraction grows stronger,

everything becomes bolder,

you hold me closer,

and i say ' lets do it all over'.

by melissa lora

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