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Wildflowers Don'T Bloom

Wildflowers don't bloom on bank of little stream
That flow through Claraghatlea from Claramore
And meet the dark Cails river further down
And journey onwards towards Atlantic shore.

The frostbound fields at morning hoary gray
And trees and hedgerows bare and birds don't sing
And it will be two months maybe even more
Before the first flowers show their faces to Spring.

In Spring the stream is hid by wildering flowers
And hawthorn wear her blossoms of the May
And on rock amidst the rapids dipper perch
And sing at dawn and through parts of the day.

In January the dykes and drains are full
And bracken mountains wear their hats of snow
And birds in hedgerows chirp but never sing
And cold the chill winds from the Northlands blow.

And little stream from heights of Claramore
Through Claraghatlea in flood flow muddy brown
And morning fields wear cold gray cloak of frost
And later on the rain come pouring down.

Wildflowers don't bloom on banks of little stream
That flows from Claramore through Claraghatlea
But Spring will come and bring her blooms and green
And birds will sing to greet the dawns of May.

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