* Wildhearted Marchanism 2010

Poem By Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

for my long flight away from home for almost a decade now

He is alone, unhearted
self-exploring, self-discovering
self-searching, near to the frontier
range of aged time

Hi is young by mind
wildhearted, self-motivating
near to the farthest
corner of the city wilderness

He is ' I ', he is ' me '
he has crossed continent beyond
edges of ' my ' inner space

He has unlocked the chain
fettering on his flesh
being self-prisoned by self-convicted
guilt of a crime beyond arraignment
of not knowing oneself

He is refreshing with full humiliation
from the wildhearted disposition

He is now reconciling with himself
for a dramatic flight back home

Comments about * Wildhearted Marchanism 2010

... But I am with you still, as humility, we both feel. Unarmed, we walk strong. Hand in hand, as right meet wrong. I am baffled by my own being. Everything exists in me, a crucial feeling. Somethings' not right, within these walls. Tear drops glisten, while windows crack. Deserted, and alienated, mercy, our families' lack. But truth me known, somewhere, compassions' shown. Soon, humilities' virtue, shall furthure be known. I love you my friend. This has been another 'Marlayna Poem.'
With You, Sharing Humility I am with you, sharing your humility. I also have my own, as far as conformery. I am saddened at my minds' inquiry. The flight of the sparrow causes much misery. Dying, tonight I feel... This pain cannot possibly be real. Once again, I am blamed for the unreal. Alone, and scared, I'm in pain, surreal.

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