SH (nov 6 / india)

Wildroses And Petals

A dropp from a wildrose white,
Sweat and toil and see them grow.
Fallen petals by a garden side,
I lost them, i shed them for you are mine.
Carries the gentle wind softly
Falling away.We are blood and family
Into the water in the stream, slip to the new rythm.
Hear me!
Floating over the silent stones, golden grains of sand.
Remember me! (alas, i will not)
Floating over the heavy rain.
I cannot understand.I do not feel.
The rosebud petal floats away
I cannot forget.I donot forgive.
Wander lonely the wild rose bud.
Care who cared? Love was what i wanted.
No pity.No chagrin.
Alas not by blood and life.
Wildroses bond by love and heart.

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