(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

The Mimes

I live in a city of mimes
to mimic golden idols
the blueprint on how to live
a life

All faces are plain
And in the stead of mirrors
reality TV replaces
From high school scenery
to club nightmares
The Mimes mingle
in my despair

From the strands of hair
sliced and pasted
in ways unable to understand
Seemingly a fable, to suddenly realize
I don't care

The Mimes are a boastful bunch
from the smoke they toke
to the carpets they munch

How they grin in that
sort of manner
I find the pointlessness
in eating lunch

Testosterone is quite addictive
The taste is similar to crack
Autotune supplies and unfortunately
never lacks
To hide beneath
a talentless mask
I confess that I agree
Who could say no?

When rebellion conforms
to the lie
I proceed to take pride
in rebelling
against the so called

I hate mimes

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Lifting up the truth. Thanks for your commet on my poem. Stay blessed always.
yeah; Respectiing all mankind without racism