Will Come To Last

Everyone wants to find love
Someone of their own
Someone who gives them that feeling
That they finally at home

Love makes you feel wanted
Love makes you feel complete
Love makes you believe
That life can be so sweet

Because you finally found that someone
Who's heart beats with yours
You finally found the love
That has opened your hearts door

You want it to last forever
In your heart you feel it will
For every time you see him
You get that heart pounding thrill

But one day you notice, things start to change
You're not really sure why
The nights are long and loveless
The days you use to cry

The happiness you once shared
Has been replaced by loneliness
Why things had to change
You are only left to guess

You fight through the hurt and pain
Once again you find your smile
You know that you'll recover
You also know it will take a while

You know you can't forget
Someone who treated you unkind
That's one thing that you
Must always keep in mind

But as each day passes by
Slowly things will get better
But you that doesn't stop
Your eyes from still getting wetter

But soon the day will arrive
When the hurt and pain are in the past
Then, when you least expect it
The love that you've been looking for will finally come to last


by Ray Hansell

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