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Will I Ever Be Good Enough?
HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

Sinking like a battle ship
My mind is like a rubbish tip.
I don't know if I can get through this shit
THis really is the hardest bit.

People have always put me down
Laughed at me like I was some kind of clown.
Nobody knew how low I felt
And that I was unhappy with the cards of life I was dealt.

I was always the butt of the joke
But never once did I provoke.
I never really had that many friends
So it was such a relied when school years came to an end.

People would always pick on me
Like I had some target attached for all to see.
I would do my best to keep out of the way
Keep my head down and try and make it through the day.

People couldn't see how much I was hurting inside
And they didn't even care if I stood there and cried.
To them I was just another face in the crowd
For them to abuse so they could feel proud.

I tried to do well at school
Even through most thought it was uncool.
I studied hard to get where I am
Although other's didn't seem to give a damn.

I did my best to always please
But everyone would still continue to tease.
Children can be so cruel
It becomes second nature if you want to rule.

Why couldn't people accept me?
And encourage me to be what I wanted to be.
In the end they have made me feel so small
That I will never be good at anything at all.

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wow dat is deep real good