Will I Ever?

Poem By Rachel Slimm

Deep down I know the difference; right & wrong and good & bad,
My intentions they are good ones, the best I ever had,
Yet within me lies a battle, reasons why - I do not know,
Will I ever get it right - and keep it so?

Deep down I know I am not evil, at least I hope I'm not,
My list of faults though, knows no end, my attributes forgot.
I carry blame and always will, it's only right I do,
Will I ever have true worth - a worth to you?

Deep down I know that my wrong paths, by me alone were built,
My sorrow for myself is wrong, the pain is for my guilt,
I ask of you please cleanse my path, please help me not to stray,
Will I ever have you back - despite how much I pray?
I ask of you please help me through, there's no more I can say,
Will I ever have you back - please find a way!


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