Will I Find The Angels In The Picture

will I find the hidden angels in the picture
softly the Soul said
speaking out of line

and it's not your turn
murmured the stones
or distant ones who would

have thrown them.

will I find I am disowned
that glinting in the corners all this time
of all the unlikely places

an irredeemable treasure,
confederate money was
sown to our detriment

or will I turn and say
oh, not perishing my republics gleam
as they were meant to and

oh dear Christ mend

all our smashing of the ornaments
in Your shop how could we ever buy
as if it had not been

as if we were this whole time through
slaved and unslaved
undistressed, beyond it all

in the Heart of all things
still in Eden's green

mary angela douglas 3 august 2017

NOTE ON ALLUSION IN POEM: my line: Oh, not perishing my republics gleam is a reworking and reframing of the American poet Robinson Jeffers line and poem title: Shine Perishing Republic.

by Mary Angela Douglas

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