Will I Forget

The last few days have confirmed my fears
I think of you and cry bitter tears.
Forgetting you is the alst thing I'll do
'cause what I feel is really true.

I feel I've found a friend, a mate
And that what we share was written in our fate
Sharing hot chocolate on cold winter nights
Care, fun, warmth but never any fights.

Laughing together and sharing sorrows
We were there for eachother, today and tomorrow
Watching the sun go down on the beach
You taught me how to look, to hold, to reach

And now when I think everything was fake
With a quiet sadness I feel my heart ache.

You were the one who made me feel free
Now for someone else, you betrayed me
Right now I feel I can never love again
But then why do I see you in every dropp of rain

Why is your face in the mirror and stars that shine
I can just feel your heart beating next to mine
I feel your presence everywhere I go
Is that you or is it my shadow

by chaitanya subramanian

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