Will I Live Without You

I love you with all my heart
the birds in the air sing when my heart cries
lonesome tunes prick the earth
agony rang like big bells from Notredame
it was never joyful when days snatch you from me
oh love the sea waves fall their tears touching my eyes
do you feel how wet the night seems coz you are never near
not even a hi nor goodbye
not even a smile nor lovely look from your eyes
will my gaze find you again
will my heart hear your heartbeats once more
will the earth dance a love song for us my love
will i live without you my love
quiet in isolation my tears roll deep
no kiss of yours to catch it when it falls i creep
dark nights and gloomy days passing unending
even the glittering stars whispers their longing
even the moon stares in sadness
for the two hearts he love to caress
have stopped to hope to dream to gaze
beating my heart still for you
hoping love can make us one true
prayer pls come not long
for my heart cant make a beautiful song
my eyes cant wait your glory
my life cant stand stand pure agony
my breath waving away from me
©ellen santiago 1 June 2014

by Eleonor Santiago

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